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Dear Cisco,We are encountering problems when incorporating a new device type (Cisco Catalyst 3560C-8PC-S Switch) into Ciscoworks common services.The devices remain in the "unknown" section. When digging deeper into DeviceData.xml we notice that this ...

lni1 by Beginner
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I tried uploading an IOS image on my router though TFTP and i got the following error message: " ip_sanity_check: ip fragment, rejected. tftp_service_timeout: CONNECT RETRY! retry=17. tftp_process_packet: received OACK. tftp_process_packet: Change b...

Hello guys, I currently have this script, it's not good, but neither I am.Either way I'm trying to improve this script, and I want to add a command to the script, but I don't know how or where.This script is to find devices on the network, I work wit...

I want a simple QoS policy map to cover everything because I want to test the " show poilcy-map" command and see what outputs I can get from that.  I am just not sure what QoS I can put in that would cover everything.  Any ideas?

bryanrobh by Beginner
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