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Hi,I have CIsco LMS 3.2The problem is that one of the locations which was installed with CIsco 1841 Router has been replaced with Cisco 1941from where i can get the report displaying the previous and the new replaced model ? Thanks

aryarahul by Level 1
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Upgrade failed. Output states:ERROR: The last upgrade operation was unsuccessful. See dbadmin_StdOut.log for details. To recover, reinstall the server and restore the saved backup data.% Pre-install step failed. Please check the logs for more details...

We have just over 200 stores across the country and we are looking for a simple monitoring tool that can show us a map of the country and an icon for each cisco switch we have out there.  I would like a map that shows in real time when a device goes ...

Hi SupportI've one appliance Cisco Prime NCS but i 've only license for Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2. DO i need to install the Cisco Prime NCS ? Or i need to install Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2. Because as i know today all NCS was upgraded to Ci...

Hi, I've upgraded a PI 1.3 installation to PI 2.1 using the migration method (taking an application backup, creating a new VM using the 2.1 VA of proper size, doing the basic configuration to replicate that of the old machine and finally restoring th...

abpsoft by Level 1
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Hi, we have a Cisco C7200P router at work running IOS 12.4(12.2r)T, and we monitor it using Zenoss 3.1. We want to be able to capture the total output drops for a Gigabit Ethernet interface. I created a custom monitoring template and I added the foll...

kipreos24 by Level 1
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I have an ACS 4.2 server running - and it points to a remote ldap database. aaa for our devices points to this tacacs server.  i tried to setup prime infrastructure to do the same, but i keep getting the authentication working, but then an error msg ...

moody by Level 1
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Ok so I have a current bare metal Windows installation of LMS 4.2 managing around 400 devices.I recently added some wireless capabilities and so I want to install PI 2.1 to manage that piece, and I was considering collocating this with some other ser...

jedavis by Level 4
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