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Hello.I have been trying to filter out traps on an NMS (Castlerock SNMPc) based on the source address of a telnet attempt. As we all know the tty snmp trap is sent by the switch or router after the connection is closed. From what I was able to gather...

Hey Guys. I have a nexus 7009 that used to work connecting via SSH. However now I cannot connect to it via ssh. It appears the SSH is connects but doing a show users from the console shows nothing connected other than the console connection.Any ideas...

AmbryTodd by Level 1
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i have two routers and i need to see LSA , i put the configuration on the two routers which enable SLA . I create opeation and create collection I did not see the traffice or graphs using SLA , please advise i need a help for IP SLA

Hi All,I've got to generate a CSR for an SSL certificate and one of the first steps is to make sure the time is set properly on the device generating the CSR!  The time on our current ASA is skewed.. this caused me to look at several other devices we...

Can LMS 4.1 give a report for port capacity in stack switches? We are starting to have issues where our techs are going out and plugging devices into switches and the switches are getting full. We would like to be able to see how many ports are left ...

Hi friends,I have a question about my syslog from Cisco Prime LMS 4.1, the hours from this syslog in the LMS is diferent from my switch log.  I dont kown why.. I verified the hours betewen switch y the Cisco Prime is the same(the LMS is over Windows ...

mhuaynate by Level 1
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Resolved! EEM crash router

Hi there,The below script when run with cmd  "event manager run showIP" will always crash the router but i cant see why. It will run through, output the correct info and then the router will crash.Any suggestions?event manager applet showIP event non...

Dear allI have a problem to see the events in the Cisco Prime, for example when an event occurs (port-shutdown) in the switch I receive this information:Event SourceDFMDescriptionCisco  Command Monitoring -> Event Command Source: Command Line, Event ...