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I upgraded CiscoWorks LMS from 3.0 to 3.2 today.  Everything worked prior to the upgrade.The upgrade was successful, with no errors, and all services started. Can anyone help, and check everything and I see no problem. The system creates the file MDC...

e.gayosso by Beginner
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Hi,I've seen posts where people say you should use the archive command instead of EEM for backing up configs but, I don't see an option for doing this when a config change is made:Archive configuration commands:  default           Set a command to it...

Have any one used a Cab-Stack-7M cable to connect two 3750 series Switches.I need to connect two switches with the stack cable but the distance between 2 switches are about 20feet. I saw a CAB-STACK-7M cable available on

Resolved! LMS 4.2 and SNMPv3

Hi all,We have a requirement for SNMPv3.  I have implemented it on a test switch, and added a device credential set for it.  This switch, which was previously discoverable (and it's traps viewable) via SNMPv2 is no longer visible to LMS.  I'm had tho...

Doing "show snmp mib" lists all the instance identifiers on my Cat2950, one of them is "c2900PortDuplexState".c2900PortDuplexState has OID I do snmpwalk from my host, I get the OID numbers from the switch.[root@loca...

000node000 by Beginner
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Hi Allhow can i make lms 4.2 do the following ations:1)how to add e-mail of users to lms in order to receive mails from lmsi already configured lms with smtp server of our enterprise2)send email to users only with a critical status2)only send alram w...

Hi Everyone,I am monitoring the Cisco ASA 8.4.5 with two different monitoring software using NetFlow export. Until I upgrade to 8.4.5 everything was working fine, but after upgrade to this IOS version, the monitoring softwares are not able to parse t...