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Resolved! ASA Upgrade

I'm curious about the upgrade path for ASA. If I have an ASA running 7.x code and want to upgrade it to 9.1, do I need to jump to intermediate code if I don't care about the config? As soon as it gets to 9.1 I plan to do a wr erase and start over. T...

Resolved! Virtual DC

I have an old Sourcefire3D Virtual Defense Center that has been out out of production for several years now but I kept in my inventory. It is running 5.1 and is not currently being used but we are looking to upgrade all ASAs to the X models in order ...

Hello team,One of my partners is interested to know why :1- We don’t offer an upgrade path from ASAv to ASAv5, 10 amd 302. we offer Partner Support on the ASAv10 but not on the other two models.Can you help in this?thanks.

erameh by Cisco Employee
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I have a client that has a 5515-x with Sourcefire. He wants to add HA function. Can he install a 5516 for the failover machine (HA)? If not, can the current 5515 SourceFire subscriptions be moved to a new 5516 for an HA solution?

I am working on a cisco asa5550, when I connect to the console port and turned it on this is the only thing I see (Booting system, please wait...  ) and nothing else happen after that it runs all day long but nothing else is displayed. I am trying to...

rarrendol by Beginner
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I tried all day, but I am unable  to run my asdm. I  configure the hhtp server , the user , the aaa,the crypto key, but doesn't open. I can ping my firewall interface,somebody can help me ? I hostname ciscoasaenable password 2KFQnbNIdI.2KYOU encryp...

Hello, I'm setting up rate limiting on an ASA with the police command.  I can't seem to find if this is a  per host basis or if my entire group will be limited to the set threshold.  If I use an ACL to include RFC 1918 and permit the rate limit on t...

  Primary ASA is stuck in constant scroll. It appears to be regular logging information (session builds & teardowns), but will not stop scrolling. I'm unable to enter commands. Secondary unit does not have the same problem. Running version 9.2(2)4   ...

Hello All, I am observing some 150-300 scanning Attacks on my Cisco ASA firewall. I have enabled threat-detection scanning-threat,however the attacks don't decrease. I am just curious whether these are normal or something can be done to fix this. T...

mudasir05 by Beginner
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