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In my scenario I have to encrypt the traffic on Layer 2 & Layer 3. My thinking is MACsec on the core switch up until it hits the ASA, then configure an IPsec tunnel for that subnet to reach the remote site ASA. In theory, the architecture would be as...

Hg212 by Level 1
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Hello everyone! I have a question. When I configuring this NAT rule (ASA 5545-X, IOS 9.2(4)):  (masked public IPv4 addresses) nat (inside,outside) source dynamic kspd-nets_inside granit-out-nat-host destination static granit-out-nets_outside granit-o...

We have a situation where we need to encrypt the traffic on a Layer 2 VLAN.  We have a Cisco Switch on each side but the fiber it runs over is leased and encryption (AES256 minimum) is required on a leased line.  We have 2 ASA5505s that we could use ...

fasteddye by Level 1
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Hello,Does anyone have any idea why no VDB update for FMC since version 361 released on Nov 15 2022? I can't answer that question to my boss and I am so sick to Cisco support incompetence to bother to ask them. 

ctx2507 by Level 1
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