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We created following network configuration:-central L3 3750 stack acting as VTP server for VLANs (all vlans are created here), enabled vlan routing, dhcp server for some VLANs, trunked ports connecting L2 2960 switches.-several L2 2960 as VTP client ...

I just want to verify if the following is working properly: - Under Configuration > IPS > Sensor Monitoring > Time-Based Actons > Host Blocks is configured properlyI have entered in a few hosts to be blocked and I notice the following: - Under Connec...

dukeminus by Beginner
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I was wondering if there are any document  which covert typical CLI command to ASDM. For example. The following is very powerfull to troubelshoot traffic passing thru the firewall and but I coudn't similar option on ASDM. cap CABNAME type asp-drop ? ...

sisay by Beginner
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Hey Guys,Looking for some help. Does anyone have any information regarding enabling inspection for rexec in ASA 8.2?Strange to see that Cisco IOS firewall has ip inspect rcmd command, but not for ASAAny help would be appreciated.

bsrulez02 by Beginner
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I currently have an ASA5510 that has it initial IP block being provided by the DC, recently the company has had a need for a new IP block which has been given to us by the same DC but is also discontiguous from our original block.  I have ponder best...