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In a cisco firewall 5520 how could you take a public wan connection and pass it to another firewall behind the 5520 without using nat. How could you put a single port on the 5520 into transparent or passthrough much like you can on a broadband modem?

Hi,i defined a policy map on FWSM but i can not remove it. i can remove the any other policy-map except this one. i dont know why?6513-FWSM/colocation(config)# no policy-map pna-coERROR: policy-map pna-co is being configured and hence cannot be remov...

Hello,Since upgrading some of computers in my LAN to Windows 7 they all experience upload issues. I have narrowed it down to CBAC inspection on my Cisco 1711 router, I am running IOS 12.3 I have a simple CBAC inspection set for TCP/UDP only without a...

Resolved! Nat - VPN L2L

Hi people,I have an ASA with interfaces inside and outside;I had this situation :Im my inside , i have a server with IP : , and two VPN L2L configured;But the local address network of these two remote Peers , are the same...

Hello Experts,I'm facing a weird problem and I was tired as i try all my best to solve the issue.I'm facing a problem accessing 1 medical website.It works for 5 minutes and stopped working.If I connect a laptop directly to my router and assign public...

hi all ,i have 2 asa 5505 in different locations and i connected both the firewalls with direct cable like lease circuitso i provided outside ip as on one end and 2nd firewall outside ip and i can ping both from each side from firew...

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Resolved! SITE -To-SITE VPN

Hi,I'm trying to create a site to site vpn on ASA both side, but the tunnel is not initiating, here are the configs and the packet tracer.If you notice the packet tracer the traffic is drop due to acl, but i m permitting the traffic on outside interf...

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