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     Dear all,ping signature is not firing unless i ping the IDS itselfsignature no.2004.the customer wants to test that the IDS detects the ping in the IDSM-2 as a test for it's working or not.i tuned the signature no.2004 but it did not fire unless...

Hi,I've got the following on my pix:access-group inside in interface insideWhich way is "in". If I imagine myself sitting inside the pix and looking out of the port, which way should I consider "in", especially related to traffic, let's say coming fr...

dan_track by Level 1
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Hello all,I have SSL VPN connectivity up and running on several ASA's, but I don't want my users to be able to login from anywhere or from any pc. I would essentially like to disable the clientless aspect of SSL VPN so that users can only login if th...

Please take a look at the attached image, or see here:, I want the DMZ network to be available on a vlan in every rack (with 4948 rack switches) in my small datacenter. I also want the DMZ to be easily accessible ...

ppauly by Level 1
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Resolved! Failover issue.

Hi All,I am facing a issue in ASA failover.Scenario:-2 ASA 5520 box.Version 8.2(1).2 box is connecting with utp cable back to back failover.When we connecting the failover cable, the configuration is replicating from the secondary box to Primary.Why ...

subashmbi by Level 1
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hello dears,Can anybody explain me the member event types,what are those??? If i m not wrong those are the member events for the particular group on left side, because they match a rule that the reason incident has been generated and they are been sh...

Dear Team,We are continuously receiving following event on Cisco PIX firewall "Deny IP spoof from ( to x.x.x.x on interface intfx" .Request you to reply to the following queries:1. Whether the event specified can be classified as an attack?2....

Resolved! DMZ design help

Currently, we are trying to decide on the best architecture for our DMZ.We have an ASA 5520. Our DMZ zone is interface 1/3 on this ASA, and we are using subinterfaces to trunk for VLANs. The two VLANs within the DMZ never need to communicate with eac...

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