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i am using  ASA 5508X is this device  capable to stop all types of  DDOS attack? like Volume Based AttacksProtocol AttacksApplication Layer Attacks or we go for some other device like arbor Ddos Protection for datacenter . please suggest ...

Hello,I found in cisco documentation that BFD is not available on OSPF, only BGP.So I use BGP protocol on my fw FTD 2130.I use FDM to configure this FTD fw. In the BGP part, I activated this line:"neighbor fall-over bfd single-hop" When I run...

h.dam by Beginner
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I am looking for a way to downgrade SRU Update on FMC. I have two FMC, one has higher version than other. Due to the requirement, I have to downgrade the update to match with other. I cannot upgrade the lower version. I do not see an option to downgr...

I recently installed a FMCv on VMware (v6.6.1) and 2x 2110 FTD units which came with I expected updates for the 2110s to appear in the FMC so I could upgrade to 6.6.1. It keeps saying "no updates available".  FDB and GeoDB updates are workin...

Hi everyone! I am trying to use RADIUS,DNS and NTP Services using Management Interface from Firepower 2110 ASA image.  This interface has communication with the corporative network where the respective Servers reside.  Below the configurations from F...

Hello,I was just wondering if anyone knows what URLs are reached out to by FMC for URL filtering automatic updates as we are getting a URL Filtering Download Failure we are using from documentation it seems like Automatic URL updates will us...

Hello,  I have a PIX-515E and I will install a new Firepower managed locally.  Is there any possibility for automated migration or the only solution is the manual one.  In the manual what should I be aware of? Thanks and regards, Konstantinos

Hello everyone, I need help upgrading Cisco FMC VM. Current FMC version is, from cisco upgrade path doc I found that its possible to upgrade directly to version 6.4.0. Since we have two CISCO ASA 5515x devices in Active/Standby setup, should ...

Hi all,   Is it possible to change the interface at which a FTD sources LDAP queries?    I am trying to use a LDAP server which is only reachable over a S2S VPN to the main office from the remote branches, and it does not seem to work. Some remote br...

alex_aasen by Beginner
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We have an FTD with two ISPs where Guest traffic PBR policy uses the backup circuit. I am wondering though, is it possible to use IP SLA in conjunction with PBR so that if this circuit has issues, it falls back to the other circuit? Or is the PBR alw...

ryan14 by Beginner
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guys this might be a running thread already.I am using an FDM for sometime. Recently purchased FMC. Can I add FDM/FTD (firepower device) to FMC without loosing any FDM config.Is there an option to import Firepower config to FMC.

manvik by Beginner
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Hello, Trying to install IPS on C1100 platform been having no such luck, Guides are for 4K series ISR, unable to find an OVA for c1100, there is a TAR file but no OVA on it, also no such luck in following IOx guide not sure if I'm doing it correctly....

AC47 by Beginner
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We have a remote location running a PA-850 that has a site-to-site VPN tunnel built to a FTD 2140. The tunnel initially builds OK, and can run months without any problem. The issue is when the remote location loses power and the PA-850 hard boots. Th...

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