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Pix 515E Port Forward

I'm having some trouble with port forwarding on a 515E pix.I have the following commands in the configstatic (inside,outside) tcp smtp smtp netmask 0 0static (inside,outside) tcp www www n...

dancox by Beginner
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Basic Firewall using CCP on 861 router

After configuring a Basic firewall using Cisco's configuration professional internal hosts are unable to access the internet. Host ipconfig info displays dns servers addresses and domain name; however web browser will not bring up web pages. This is...

nspen311j by Beginner
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Windows 2003 IPSec through ASA/FWSM

Does anyone have any experience setting up a ASA/FWSM to permit an IPSec tunnel b/w Windows 2003 server to pass through? The Microsoft team doing the implementation claims the server behind the FW cannot be NAT'd since their solution has issues with...

rm2017 by Beginner
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Newbie needs help with his ASA 5510

Hi,I'm not a networking person at all and don't know where to look. We have an ASA 5510 and I want to see who is streaming video and surfing unmentionable sites. Once I find out who and where they are going, I eventually want to block those sites. ...

ASA WebVPN and Brokers?

We are currently reviewing various ways to provide virtual desktops for home users.One of the things we are testing is using the ASA webvpn option with the RDP plugin to connect to a remote desktop.One issue with this however is the method of connect...

ASA 5510 general setup questions

I am green when it comes to firewalls.I currently have a PIX 506 and we are upgrading to an ASA 5510. It has had so many changes that I want to start fresh. So I am not really trying to view the 506 config and duplicating it.The 5510 has ASA v 8.04...

Remote Access VPN - issue

HI allim trying to set up a Remote Access VPN on pix 6.3 (where once connected you are assigned only 1 IP and that IP can only RDP to one server and although i connect to the the vpn ok, i cant RDP to that server. on the vpn client, the...

SOL10 by Beginner
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Netflow analyser issue please

Please i am using netwflow analyser to monitor my traffic. i notice that my traffic are going to broadcast address of the subnet when I click the 'IN' radio button with application - NETBIOS-DGM,and to the reguired destinaion when I click the 'OUT' r...

Feature on ASA 5500

Dear All Expert,i not clear feature on ASA 5520 and Could you advice me detail ask below:Licensed features for this platform:Security Contexts : 2 VPN Peers : 750 WebVPN Peers : 2 Ad...

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