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Resolved! Break ftd HA pair

Hello! Im plan break ftd ha pair, and return back in HA pair again, but im have several questions -- how will lead secondary device (behavior traffic)- what pitfalls can be when you return the device back 

moskalevas by Beginner
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Resolved! upgrade Firepower

Hi everyone, my Firepower version is 5.3.0 and i want to upgrade it to 6.2.0 . Is that possible or i have to first upgrade it to 5.4.0 . the same thing about firesight . Also can i upgrade the firepower from Firesight . thanks 

Resolved! PBR config questions on ASA

I'm about to implement PBR on our ASA to route guest network traffic out of our secondary WAN connection. I do have a couple questions about the configuration though. Primary WAN Gateway: 165.XXX.XXX.129Secondary WAN Gateway: 206.XXX.XXX.1Guest Netwo...

tim829 by Beginner
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Time in ASA log messages

Dear All,My ASA is sync with my NTP server and showing correct time as we are in +5 GMT zone but in syslog ASA showing wrong time.Kindly suggest regarding the same as soon as possible.Regards,Arshad

ASA 5506 VPN configuration problem

Hello, I am trying to create l2tp/isec VPN tunnel on our ASA 5506, but unfortunatelly I don't know why I have no access to my local network when I am connected Over VPN. Could anyone help me with this?my config:: Saved : : Hardware: ASA5506, 409...

krzysztof. by Beginner
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Resolved! Confusing NAT statements

I have a dmz server, listening on port 21, I want this server to be accessible from internet.  Here are my options:1) nat (dmz,outside) source static ftp_10.20.30.40 x.x.x.x(publicIP) service FTP_21 FTP_21 ^^ Does NOT work. ==========================...

Brad_Shawh by Beginner
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Resolved! crypto pki Trustpoint Process

Hi all,I have question about the Crypto PKI process After the CA Server issu the certificate to the routerIs the Router do a validation check with the CE server ?And how often he tries to make the check ? Thanks,Shimon

Shimon.R by Beginner
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