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I am using a PIX 515. I only have 1 public IP address from my ISP that is the outside ip address of the PIX. We are installing a mail server on the inside of the PIX. I want all port 25 traffic that comes to the PIX outside IP address to go to the Ex...

tdavies by Beginner
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Folks, We want to implement network level security within our Lan environment. I have been looking at different technologies Cisco has to offer. here are my thoughts. What i am looking for is security at the network level, that means when a us...

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out. We have a Cisco PIX 515, right now it is just being used with the two standard interfaces that come with the unit. We want to create a DMZ and have checked our license and can add a third card. ...

gjeff80 by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a interesting problem that I can not figure out. I have a Pix 520 running 6.2.2 and I have a DMZ zone. In this zone I have a Web Server. People can get to the web server pages fine. I can not do a nslookup, a windows update or an anti ...

Hi,I am trying to setup a PIX (v6.3.3) to allow an internal host (Windows Server 2003 DC) to get its time from an NTP server on the Internet. Sorry for all the questions...1) I am confused because I thought the PIX allowed any connection originatin...

I don't see much discussion and or documentation regarding ospf on PIX..Am just wondering how pix behave when it is configured for ospf network. Are LSAs propagated in the same fashion as routers do? I mean, are the routes learned say from the outsid...

rpalacio by Beginner
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I want to upgrade my PIX 525 FO UR bundeled version 6.1 (2) to 6.3(3).1. What precautions I need to take 2. How do I backup my 3des activation keys3. Do I need to upgrade both the firewalls together or I can upgrade one and the second later. (pr...

znair by Beginner
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Is it possible to make a VPN tunnel from a client over the internet to a Cisco826 router? This router has IP/FW/IPSEC 3DES software. Does anyone have a configuration example?Thanks a lot.Eduard van Dijk

HelloI have an encrypted GRE tunnel from a remote office to our data centre. I am using ADSL for the remote office connectivity and occasionally the line gets congested on the upstream. I am also using the ADSL line in the remote office to access the...

mpdavies by Beginner
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I have a user application that works a little different than most client/server implementations that i have run across. Once the user logins in, the server (that lives on the external interface of the pix) looks up the user in its database and finds...

We have a remote site connected via a 3002 hardware vpn. Users on the site can use thin clients to connect to the central site, but they are unable to connect to a printer queue set up on a 2003 server on their site. They can connect to the server bu...

The ACL hit count show nothingaccess-list capture1 line 1 permit tcp host eq bgp any (hitcnt=0)access-list capture1 line 2 permit tcp any host eq bgp (hitcnt=0) were as the router shows me Jan 16 07:40:25: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: ...

khaile by Beginner
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