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Hallo iam trying to configure ACS & my Network devices to restrict the use of some commands for a group of users, i have another group ( Networking group) this group have the privileged level 15 and should be able to do evry thing. The group that i w...

giaaaj by Beginner
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GentlemenLast night I was reading my release notes for my 16 MG ISA Flash Card prior to installing in my PIX 520. The release notes indicated that I need to verify whether I have a PIX 520 "CO" or "DO". Performing a show ver command does not reveal...

I want to allow only three hosts on my internal network to be able to access the internet. Using the Config Guide for Cisco Secure PIX Firewall v5.2 , I entered these commands. When I do No one including the three select hosts can access the intern...

I downloaded the WebSense evaluation software, and have been playing with it w/ our Pix 515. My question I have, which WebSense doesn't seem to know is: can you specify not to filter for certain hosts? Is the URL filtering on the PIX an everything ...

gjeff80 by Beginner
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Is there any thing needed to activate a tunnel ussing 3DES between a Cisco PIX 501-50 & a CIsco 3640 with IPSEC (3DES) IOS 12.1.18? When configured for DES it works but 3DES does not.and yes I changed the transform sets and Isakmp policies on the ro...

ccsi100 by Beginner
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Hi,I've been reading on this but can't find any answers...PIX 515 with 3 ethernet inside - ethernetoutside - leased lineadsl - adsl lineThe leased line and adsl line are from different providers, and therefore have different address ranges and gatewa...

simonw by Beginner
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I currently have a network setup using a different firewall that allows me to run the firewall on the same subnet as all the web servers I am hosting without using NAT. I want to move over and use our PIX 515. I have 2 questions.1) Is it possib...

mitchper by Beginner
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Have a customer who is connecting a remote office to a central office. Each remote office user has Cisco Secure VPN Client. Remote office is connected to Intenet with 827.Each user in the remote office can make a VPN connection just fine through th...

ldoyle by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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I have the following two statements on the config on my PIX 520:nat (inside) 0 access-list 100nat (inside) 1 0 0I understand that my predecesor built our Access-list 100 as the tunnels for our VPN to our clients. But i do not know wh...

I have got the following symptom during the configuration of a PIX525 using the port console with the emulator 'Hyper Terminal' : First : no password protectionSecond : when you disconnect from the port console and come back later, you have direct a...

p.bender by Beginner
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Hi,Having trouble with this one so I wonder if anyone can help please?VPN establishes from client 3.5.1 to PIX no prob. Can establish mapped drives, browse network etc.The PIX has an ACL allowing port 3389, the MS default port, to the server. Now, th...

ali-franks by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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