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I'm a PIX newbie, but I am trying to block 2 people from surfing the web.These are the commands I tried:access-list 105 deny tcp host <ip> any eq wwwaccess-list 105 deny tcp host <ip> any eq wwwaccess-group 105 in interface insideAfter doing so, no o...

abruso by Level 1
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Hi AllAnyone can solve this question?Internal network: network: serve at server at server at network interface to Perimeter router: Addre...

trinawong by Level 1
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I only have 2 ip addresses that I can assign to my PIX. I need to open up mail, web, and https to the outside world. Everything I have read does a one-to-one static translation. Can I do a one-to many translation like this?access-list 100 permit tcp ...

andifur by Level 1
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Dear All,Lot of our remote clients are getting sudden loss of FTP connectivity.We run a FTP server behind a PIX with 6.2(2).Looking through the PIX log I am seeing lots of Resets and wondering if Someone could explain or give some hint of the cause o...

I'm looking to buy a 525 with a 4-port add-on. Can I only have 3 "zones" - inside, outside and DMZ? Or is it possible to configure more? Thanks in advance. Couldn't find anything on CCO.

kduplex by Level 1
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I am working on PIX firewall 501. As per ASA, traffic can flow from a high security area to low security area without conduit. But i am unable to access the low security network without conduit. What can be the problem area?

kpatoli by Level 1
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