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Hi all, I have set the Action Alert and Access Control Policy on the IPS Firepower Managment Centre for two IPS Censors.The Syslog for the Action Alert also has been set and they are route between the IPS FMC and Censors. May I have the helps below i...

HIWe have upgraded our soon to go live FTD's/FMC to 6.5 I have just seen a warning saying that DH group 5 is depreciated, does this mean that it just wont work as we have exsisting VPN's using DH group 5 on our current live devices ASA's Thanks

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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HiCan anyone tell me why when I added a static route to FTD 2130 in HA pair I get tunnelled false in the route see below image I don't see these in other static routes, also to add a static route do I go into each HA device separately to add route or...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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Hello all ,  i am using cisco prime 3.0 , recently i have replaced the distribution switch (4506E) after that i am getting major error on Access Switches connected with this Distribution Switch :  Error : Sending agent has become the new root of th...

Hi everyone, I just received a new FPR-1010 unit, and it seems many of the out-of-the-box instructions no longer work to get it up and running, in more ways than one. I have a few questions regarding it, because if I can't get it up and running, well...

BrianTG by Beginner
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Hi guys I have 2 ASA firewalls active/standby version 9.8(2) by ASDM I change the security level of the interface from 100 to 0then I found this message in below photo I didn`t read the message I want to finish this task quickly  so I press on "force...


Installed 2 5506-x on 2 separate networks but identical configthey work ok for approx 3 days and then stop passing anything,i am unable to access the devices and when rebooted they seem fine except the firewall rules have gone, all other config is ok...

daddum61 by Beginner
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Yesterday, an very strange incident occurred, which led to the partial loss of my ASA5540 configuration.  The building in which our servers are housed, suffered a power outage of some type, and when the power came back on, and the ASA5540 rebooted, i...

beatinger by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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