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I'm looking to activate the FirePower services on a 5555X ASA which run in HA and multi-context mode (3 contexts). I'm used to manage FirePower devices and multi-context ASAs but never tried both together up to this point. Is there any license requir...

Cedrik by Beginner
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I have a firepower 2120 device and I'm trying to find the serial number so that I can add a smartnet contract to it.Show server inventory doesn't present any output.  If I go into the web GUI, I see there's another IP address listed as the management...

RicTodd89 by Beginner
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I've just tried to install an SSL certificate from our internal issuing CA to overcome the certificate error when browsing to the NAC guest server. I can no longer browse to the NAC Guest server as there is a reported mismatch in the private key. Can...

Hi  I am trying to view the live traffic logs via cli on a Firepower 2110, i am using the command : system support view-files However, i don't seem to see the log file specific to network traffic. please assist.there is currently no FMC Server wayne

Partisan by Beginner
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hi,we are having 5510 ASA.  i tried to block facebook using this asa. the following command where used for blocking itregex domainlist1 "\.facebook\.com"access-list inside_mpc extended permit tcp any any eq wwwaccess-list inside_mpc extended permit t...

Omar Fatah by Beginner
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Hi friends,I am saravanan from Bangalore. In one of our customer require to put static IP to access from outside (internet).Inside ------------------------> ASA 5510 -----------------> 1800 router  ------>  outside192.168.10.0/24    .254            1...

psaravanan by Beginner
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