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we have centralize ASA 5525 and we want to create vpn  with location 1 and 2 we already created site to site vpn with location 1  gateway is 134.x.x.x now we want to add anoter site-to-site vpn with location 2  gateway of location 2 is 62.x.x.x.x  th...

where do firepower service policy apply is better? and a list of question about firepower?outside only? inside only? or both outside and inside ?   i find that firepower access policy can not choose which interface it apply where to set this?   if no...

Maivoko by Level 1
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Hi team,   I am having an issue with the syslog configuration of those appliances below: - ASA-5510,  Software Version 9.1(5) - Device Manager Version 7.3(2)   The issue is:    Syslog configuration     After clicking OK, the result appears with TCP, ...

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 2.28.29 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 2.28.35 PM.png
hanguye3 by Cisco Employee
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Hi, Is there any limitation on policy rule numbers on FMC?  Customer wants to order FMC that will manage about 12 FTD and each FTD will have  about 1 million policy rules.   As per my understanding, it should not affect FMC. FMC will support any numb...

dngore by Cisco Employee
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I remove firepower service policy at outside and only apply at inside4   Allow country United States   Traditional ASA itself inside4 allow UDP 53 and TCP 53 and any IP address with TCP 443 and 80 but can not browse duckduckgo   Attached setting  

Maivoko by Level 1
  • 16 replies
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I am attempting to forward logs from my ASA estate to a Skybox server to monitor the useage of the ACL. I have followed all of the relevent steps as defined below but there is no sign of 106100 messages in the either the sent syslog messages, ASDM lo...

Hi Guys i'm going to configure new asa 5506-x with EZVPN and the procedure will be : New loaction (D) will be add to network with new ASA 5506-x ADSL, Public IP server as signed (DHCP) 100/30.setup DHCP scope on the AD controller  i'm trying to find ...

Roza12 by Level 1
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I have a pair of ASA-5545-X in an active-standby failover configuration, i found a failover problem with the secondary ASA, one of the interface was showing faiiled (waiting). it worked before. just stopped working recently.    This host: Primary - ...

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