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Hi All,   we have HX 2.6(1d), we recently did a power down activity and after powering on HX cluster state is healthy but we are not able to connect to HX connect and we are getting the below error. Could any one able to help here.   Thanks Anandraj ...

Hi Experts.   I will need to implement two Data Center Sites (different Geo-location) with Firewalls facing internet. LAN will be stretched between two DC Sites. Applications will be needing internet access via FW-NAT. What is the recommended Ingress...

ar_djp by Cisco Employee
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Hi team ,  I have a problem to config a schedule job on nexus 9000 ,  I received the message below.   USDC1NX9000.1(config)# scheduler job name aError: invalid userid   My NXOS: version 7.0(3)I7(1) and  Nexus9000 93180YC-EX chassis Can anyone say me ...

Ramirov by Level 1
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Hi All,   I'm currently working on a datacentre deployment that consists of 2 x Nexus 9Ks in HQ and 2 x Nexus 9Ks in DR. The Nexus switches are connected together over a back-to-back vPC using 2 x 10GbE darkfibre links. Similar topology to the below:...

de1denta by Level 3
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ip arp difference between both nexus routers (Nexus 56128) despite arp synchronisation in the vpc domain. One marks the arp entry as incomplete whereas the other nexus arp table contains the correct mac address. Any suggestions where this can come fr...

p.devalck by Level 1
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Hi,we have 2 Nexus 5K (cisco Nexus5548 Chassis - System version: 5.1(3)N2(1)).When we are trying to add new vlans to a Portchannel using switch-profile we get this message: Error(s): Following commands failed parsing: If the error is 'Command Parsing...