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Hello,I have built a LAN with Cat 2950G as access switchs and a Cat 3750G-24TS as backbone switch.I am experiencing very low performances of the cat 3750G even with a very light trafic on LAN.I have reinitialized it in factory configuration and check...

eh_ham by Beginner
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I want to use Sniffer Pro to monitor our outgoing traffic to 5 specific external web addresses. Our network goes through a PIX 513 to the web. The pox does all of the NAT. The PIX is connected through a CAT 4000. I think that if I port scan the speci...

I want to allow only specific numbers to dial in to my cisco router. How do I screen these numbers and at what point ie. where, do apply them to the config. The number command seemed to be the one but I think I'm misunderstanding it's purpose.

m.ogden by Beginner
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Dear All, i hv 4006 and 6006 switches in my networks and my desktop and server farm is connected to this switches. and i don't have any information i mean no port details with me. so i need to know that which pc or which server is connected to whic...

As i have read that use of multicast will reduce the load on network bandwidth instead of using broadcasting which will chop bandwidth.I am little confuse that how multicasting did this, as for my information multicast packets still hit all interface...