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Hi,We have 2 IPLC links to UK, one is a 512 link and thre other is a 2 Mbps link, we want to use the 512 link only for FTP and all other traffic should flow by the the 2 Mbps link, I know this can be acomplished by POLICY BASED ROUTING, my question i...

saimbt by Level 1
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Can somebody help me answer the following ?1) If I have 2 class under a CBWFQ policy and one of the 2 is the class-default which I configure for fair-queue. WHat will happen under congestion if the other queue has a bandwidth percent 10 statement ? W...

m.baker by Level 1
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Hi, There is simple troubleshooting doubht. HOpe you guys would have crossed this problem and can help me out.We have two different providers for point to point link. we are using PPP encapsulation, E1 link (1984Kbps - BW). When we connect provider A...

schitra by Level 1
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Hi, does each root bridge mac address of each vlan which created on a single core switch the same? What will cause an access switch to lose 3x BPDU from the core with a direct connection?thanks!

jkh_tt by Level 1
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Hi,I came across following description in a Frame Relay documentation,"Because the DLCIs have only local significance, the only real restriction on the use of DLCIs is that they are not used for more than one destination from the same port"Could any ...

dinekal by Level 1
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