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Resolved! NX7K VDC: port groups in F2 48-port 1G/10G Ethernet module?

Have couple of questions about assigning ports on the F2 1G/10G Ethernet module to VDC. Thanks for any help.1) Does the newer F2 1G/10G 48-port Ethernet module have port groups as the older 32-port 10G Ethernet module? If so, where can I find informa...

Resolved! DC design question: L2 extension. A-VPLS? OTV? Link?

Ciao a tutti,during a redesign phase of 2 datacenters (locate 500mt one from the other), we are wondring what use to extend the L2.All devices are 6500 in VSS (excluding the 2 at the top which are 4500), no problem on link to be used (it's a campus, ...

Max-.Aging Time

Hallo We are experiencing a strange behavior in our LAN, the MAC- Addresses of the Workstations that are connected to LAn but not generating traffic are being deleted from the Mac- Address-Table after 10s although the aging - Time is set to 300 s.Do...

giaaaj by Beginner
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Resolved! CCNP certifications

Sorry if this is the wrong subforum but I couldnt find one for certificates specific.I have become CCNP certified a few days ago, but I would like to find out my Cert Validation ID before the actual paper comes in. ( its gona take a month at least fo...

K4ze by Beginner
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