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Hello, Currently implementing vxlan (unicast) on 4 x Cisco ASR1001-x 16.6.x (IOS-XE).   The end goal is to have redundant routers at both location for a single vlan (4).  When there is just two routers - no issues. However, when the secondary routers...

So we were tasked with this packet tracer activity. Recreate the topology, fill in the IP addresses, and connect the cables. All of my wires are connected, and I've entered the addresses listed below, but during Part 4: Verify ConnectionsI was unable...

kimjereen by Beginner
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Like in the title I have an ISR1100 Router with 8 port switch and an additional 2 x LAN/WAN GigEth ports.I have 8 devices connected to the switch, and a WAN connected to one of the LAN/WAN ports, leaving 1 LAN/WAN ports free.I would like to trunk tha...

Hello, I am configuring remotely some switches 9500For this a laptop is connected to the Console port of the switch.Console port opens fine using standard values from Putty Terminal. But when the terminal has to show several lines, the laptop crashes...