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I have not configured the IPsec on DMVPN I believe  R63 Hub Routerinterface Loopback0ip address!interface Loopback1ip address!interface Loopback2ip address!interface Loopba...

I'm doing a lab in packet tracer, and I believe I followed all the instructions correctly but for some reason when it came time to type in the "telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" cmd it just gave me this message saying it was closed by a foreign host and doing ...

Resolved! PoE maximum output

What's the maximum power (Watt) that can be drawn from a single PoE port and a PoE+ port? From my studies what I understand is around 15W for PoE (usable 12W) and 30W for PoE+ (usable 25.5W). And for devices with power rating greater than this, PoE i...