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I have a 2924 that won't boot up. I type in boot, and it loads an image file, then when I try to configure it, and do a "wr mem" it gives me an error,>>>nv_done: unable to open "config.txt.new"[OK]NVRAM Verification Failed<<<<<what would stop me from...

m-glenn by Beginner
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Thank you for any help you can offer. Remote site was running fine one day the next the line protocol goes down and I haven't been able to recover it. basic classless config, s0 and fastethernet int's configured and ppp is in use. Line protocol on ...

jandino by Beginner
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This dial-up line is a ISDN 64K and the remote site is using this ISDN for DDR backup for the serial line to the central office. The serial line goes down +- every second week for a few munitues so the ISDN is critical for network operation. The remo...

j-allison by Beginner
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