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I want to implement traffic shaping in a Frame Relay network (partially meshed topology) using layer 3 protocols as a priority factor, what would be the best queuing method?, also, could anyone give me a good reference?, sample?.Thanks!Xarold

xarold by Level 1
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when configuring a 2500 series router e0 interface with with three different IP subinterfaces and one network Novell IPX, could u include the novell configurations on the e0 interface as a secondary config? Or do I need to add another subinterface?A...

j-metz by Level 1
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I have 4 T1's already configured and working on my 3640. We now have added another office and have a Cisco 1720 in there. I want to configure the 1720 and the 3640 so that the other office can share our internet access. How do I go about doing thi...

rwithers by Level 1
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I'm currently implementing a remote network management system for the radio equipment product that we sold to one of our customers and it involves the use of Cisco routers 2600 & 3600. I'm a newbie in Cisco products (just studied the IOS commands for...

jparala by Level 1
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Hi,I have a problem with 7206 VXR with I/0 one fastethernet, NPE-300, the modules are 1 atm oc-3, 1 GBIC, 8 E1 multichannel,and the ios version is 10.0.9(s). when I try to ping one of the interface, point to point to the router, I always got the inte...