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Resolved! router security

I have cisco router connected to internet with no firewall.I want to allow internet connection for internal user and only easy VPN connection(using VPN client) from outside to internal network ,,how I could acheive this????

mohammady by Level 1
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I recently bought an 851 only to find out afterwards that it only supports 1 VLAN when I needed it to support at least 7. The documentation on VLAN support seemed pretty buried.Does anyone know if there is an easy way to find out how many VLANs each...

I have a PIX501 I want to install in a users home on a cable network. The PIX501 will come up with a DHCP IP address from it carrier. How do I configure teh PIX515 for this connections since I will not know what the IP address of the unit will be?

HMidkiff by Level 1
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Is there a way to programmatically temporarily disable CSA, and then re-enable it programmatically? I'm looking for a way to disable CSA from starting (loading DLLs, starting the client...basically stopping all functionality) temporarily while a sof...


I recently changed web hosting services. All went well. I can now reach my webpage and email services without a problem anywhere but at my office. If I tried to ping the mail server it hit the wrong address. I found the old DNS entry int the ser...

andy by Level 1
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When Users connect to this device they are given a dhcp address in a 172 subnet despite the fact that this concentrator is in a 10.x subnet. The DHCP server, a w2k server, is shared between 2 different VPN's and has dhcp pools for both 172.x and 10.x...

jacrawley by Level 1
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Hi,i have 2801 cisco router with onboard crypto engine. I have misunderstand some counters in crypto engine statisticsOnboard crypto engine: ds: 0x64AED5F8 idb:0x64AEC538 Statistics for Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module: ...

My PIX firewall is VPN headend device. It is located behind C1721 router. I have to customize VPN remote access without splitting tunnel network. It is work OK if I try to connect from VPN client located between PIX and C1721. If I try to connect fro...

rezon by Level 1
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Hello,I studying computer science and working as a system engineer / it-consultant. At the moment I am helping a customer (200 employees) to secure his network. He is afraid of attacks from the internet. Specially he is afraid of hackers which could ...

bwagrocki by Level 1
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