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I use IEV for monitoring triggered events. I found a lot of Long HTTP Reguests from my ISA server.From Network Security Database:Description: This signature fires when a long HTTP request using the GET, HEAD, or POST method is detected. Benign Trigg...

rmv72 by Beginner
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I am installing CSA on both Windows XP and Windows 2000 problems.I am getting two errors:Windows 2000 - The installation goes ok with no errors. After the reboot I get a blue screen saying: unexpected_kernel_mode_trap. I can manually uinstall the a...

lalbro by Beginner
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In the VMS Security Monitor I run Monitor>Statistics>Analysis Engine Statistics and 'View'.In the statistics page that pops up I get this information (I only put the relevant bits in): AnalysisEngine Statistics for device PCRIDS1 Interface Group Sta...

matthew by Beginner
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The IDSM2 in my 6500 has hung several times recently. Now, although it boots, I can only logon via the TAC interface. SSHing to the user interface hangs and then disconnects. I will open a TAC incident, but since that is usually a long process, I w...

csthomas by Beginner
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I'm having issues with my PIX 515E running 6.3(3). We have several different servers with real internet 64.xxx addresses already assigned. I need to setup a outside,DMZ, inside and 1 other zone. My Internet provider has allocated one other IP for t...

Hi , I'm trying to set up a PIX to Windows 2003 Cert enrollment for VPN client. While trying to enroll the PIX for a certificate , with the command "ca enroll ..." I got the following error "No root CA Cert exists use ca authen" The CA I'm using ...

scolombo by Cisco Employee
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Hello All,I have a customer with a basic PIX config (inside/outside). We added a public wireless vlan to the infrastructure and everything works fine but I have a couple of questions:slh-pix# show runPIX Version 6.2(2)nameif ethernet0 outside securi...

tpfannes by Beginner
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I have a pix 515-R-BUN ver. 6.1(1) It was working fine this morning but somewhere around 10:00 it lost it's mind. I mean it lost everything! When I consoled in it was in a perpetual boot-loop. When I break the boot cycle, it is sitting at a monitor>...

Hello guys,I am trying to set up the configuration as per the below example, but could not get the blocking to work.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/secursw/ps2113/products_configuration_example09186a00801c0e3c.shtmlThe sensor seems to create t...

Hello all, i would like to ask you about possibilities to use IPV6 with firewalling devices like PIX or FWSM. Are there short future plans to implement IPV6 in this devices?Is it posible to download some "beta" with IPV6?Thans a lot. B.R Jakub

andrlej by Beginner
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