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                  In Cisco 2800 Router, I need to disable the T1 connection ( and enable DSL on interface Fa0/2/0. May I know how to configure for DSL.group 2crypto isakmp key sdfedklQ1 address isakmp key sdfedklQ1 a...

I have LNS 7200 NPE-G2, which terminates around 2500 sessions. CPU load with 250Mbps, 30000pps is 95%FYI: tcp mss is set to 1420, mtu on VAIs - 1492My questions are1) Is it better to fragment on PPP VAI or let Cisco do it on L2TP level.Currently Cisc...

Good day.Subject feature seems to be a usefull one, but with a couple of nasty restrictions. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but we can't: - give a subscriber arbitrary number of IP adresses, only powers of 2, like 4, 8, 16, 32, etc; - place two different ...