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Hi   I have the present scenario and would like to ask for any suggestions / best practises   There is two buildings and 1 ISP Circuit/ routers in each building. I would like to do BGP multihoming - I want building A to be primary and building B to b...

Hi All I am looking at putting Cisco ISR WAAS 750 on my 4331 router Can you please tell me what licences and equipment I need to order for this? Also, do I need WAAS central manager to manage them? can they not be managed standalone? cheers

Hello and good day Everybody I have a http website in a non https capable server located in the LAN side of a RV110. For security reasons I need that users from WAN side access my web page as a HTTPS even my server on the LAN side is simple HTTP.   I...

Greetings! There are 3 routers, 2 servers behind each one of them for information exchange, i.e. server A1 exchanges with server A2, server B1 with B2 and C1 with C2 (see picture below). I can configure Cisco router and servers A1 and B1 only. In my ...


I having difficulty with EIGRP route distribution.  I do NOT want static routes to be redistributed into EIGRP yet both and are being redistributed.    router eigrp 100  network  network

rmeans by Participant
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Guys,   i understand we can use IP SLA for failover between 2 ISP's which use static routes. Do we have anyother possibility to achieve failover between 2 static routes more effectively than IP SLA (since ip sla doesnt give proper output if there is ...

 i have a L2 connection provided by the ISP ( most probably they are using q and  q...) they have given vlan on both sides. I have configured the vlan and i am able to ping from Router A to Router B.                 What i want is to pass different v...

Resolved! VRF Configuration

Can you please help me with example links for configuring VRF in a router? i have 2 ISP links terminating on same router on 2 different interafces. we need to configure VRF for  each ISP and perform failover. Please help. Both are INternet links and ...

Hi,I have a small doubt regarding NAT ACL. Below is my config sample. When traffic initiated from to, no translation happening due to ACL 200 being get hit. Is this a normal behavior of NAT? Do we have any documentation regardin...

Godwin_S by Beginner
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