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Resolved! cisco N540

HelloI have A cisco N540-ACC-SYSthe problem is after I power up the device It seems that the router is booting up but after a few seconds all back Fans stopped and the lights were white the status LED is Amber I the Alarm LED is Flashing Amber and th...

E-H-A-O-A by Level 1
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Hello,I config NetFlow and applied on VLAN interface, on my NTA collector (using SolarWinds) why i only get traffic for download and not for upload? But if the NetFlow applied on physical interface, I got both conversation (download and upload).This ...

Screenshot 2024-06-18 082317.png
hs08 by Spotlight
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Hello!! We are trying to use an IP SLA to modify a parameter in a service. We need to validate packet loss to an IP, but we cannot achieve the state change. These are the config: ip sla 12icmp-jitter num-packets 10000 interval 4frequency ...

cdiaz by Level 1
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Hello All,   i have a Cisco ISR router model 4321 and need to do lost password recovery but every time i follower below steps i lose current configurations. Cisco Router password recovery step by step++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...

Hi guys, as i very recently figured out that a router (ISR4k, IOS-XE 17.09) finally supports FQDN-based objects it raised my hope i could use it to adjust the network, for helping us with our microsoft pain. Since you cannot be recent enough about th...

I have two router with hsrp configured. One router has priority of 200 and other has priority of 190.The secondary router wan is down by default, so we have a track configured that brings the priority to 190-50=140. Now,I have a situation where the p...

arun-r by Level 1
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Resolved! BGP Question

HIIf I have dual connections to the same ISP, and im my route maps I say set community 28 for one connection and set community 29 for the other connection, what is this telling the ISP side and how does it influence any routing desicions please .Than...

We have two P2P's that we are installing between our data center and a Colo location.  They are requesting we do Layer 2 extension with Vxlan L2VNI.  Having never set that up, I am some questions on best practice and configuration.  We do have a Nexu...

Hi All, Any ideas on how to fix this? These logs appear when someone tries to ssh into the connection. The switch config has set timezone +8. But UTC+0 logs will still in the log. These ssh2 logs fill up the log file, and have never been seen before....

D Fan by Level 1
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