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Creating L2 VLAN for ISP

I wanted to hear what other people think of this setup since I have heard a couple of different opinions. At one of my remote sites our ISP hand-off is in the sub-cellar, while I had the need to supply an internet connection to some devices (usually ...

ajl311374 by Beginner
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C1921 vlan configuration problems

Hi, Im fairly new to cisco, and i'm trying to configure a 1921 router for voice and data but don't seem to be getting anywhere. I need to configure GigabitEthernt0/0 as WAN and set up X2 VLAN's,vlan1 on GigabitEthernt0/0/0 for data and vlan100 on G...

High CPU on interrupt

Hi, We have a setup of router serving as DHCP server to some VLANs and performing NAT at the same time. We are seeing about 95%/90% on the show proc cpu sort output. The device is ISR 1941 router. How can we determine the cause of the high CPU inter...

s.lachica by Beginner
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ASR 1002-X

i need to know what is the built in interfaces in the ASR 1002-X , management interface , copper and fiber interfaces ? and the number of ports 

Configuration Help 891 Router

Hi All, Hoping I can get some help, or advice on a configuring an 891F ISR, as a router on a stick. I am unable to configure the switch ports to act as a trunk. The port takes trunk configuration commands, i.e switchport mode trunk switchport trunjk ...

how to connect to Sites with Two ISP

Dear All i have a question about connecting two sites Site A(Head office) Site B(Branch office), currently we are connected with one ISP by using static routes to ISP local ip like is site A gateway and is site B gateway.we ha...

Call-Home VRF disappears when rebooting

I have call-home configured on a 2921 ISR G2 running 15.3(3)M7.  Configuration is as follows: service call-home ! call-home  contact-email-addr   mail-server priority 1  sender from  si...

Ip default Gateway / Default route

Hello, I had a strange configuration that puzzled me. we have a new WS-C2960XR-24PS-I with c2960x-universalk9-mz.150-2a.EX5.bin. runing as a layer 3 switch I configured IP router on the device but the device would not be pingable then I configured ip...

Split DNS - Cisco IOS

I'm looking to use split DNS for a remote site (Office B) so they can still browse Internet if the VPN to main office (Office A) goes down. Office B only has a few users and no server so DHCP is running on the local router there. It hands out Intern...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Block bittorrent on ASR9K

Greetings, Are there any best practices for blocking bittorrent on an ASR9K? NBAR or NBAR2 would be great, but they are not supported in IOS-XR. Is there something similar on the ASR9K? Thanks!