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Hi expert, This might be a stupid question.See below scenario:Let say i have two access switches connected on 1 router with one vlan, and i want to run some sort of redundancy protocol such as HSRP on the router for that vlan using some sort of vrf c...

cysco 1990 router connections lan to wan

 hi. Im sylva and i am mba it student. Started my first work soon. I have a cysco routeur with isp adress ip adress and as mask. The dns are and .my lan is  .can you give me an idea please ...

QOS over GRE Tunnels

Hi,I need some clarification on  QOS over GRE.As per Cisco documentation i have Create a Policy and applied in on Physical Interface and applied QOS Pre-Qualify command on GRE Tunnels.i have 5 Remote Office so 5 GRE tunnels are present on HEAD Office...

Unable to ping device outside the vlan

I have one equipment i.e attendance reader. Its worked very fine for few days but now it is not working properly.I am not able to ping the same device outside the vlan.Its pinging fine when I am ping the device from same vlan ip.please suggest on thi...

Cisco 877W route wifi traffic to WAN

Hi there, i am as now very far in configuring my cisco 877w. I have an established wifi, can connect with pc's (gets ip etc, can ping cisco 877w). And i have on my fastethernetport0 (added a vlan100) wich is a dhcp client who gets ip adress from my m...

LAG question

Hi Guys,Quick question, is there any specific requirements to make a LAG configuration for ports that belongs to different SUPs (boards) on the same router ? or is it the same as doing LAG for ports that belong to the same board ? Thanks, 

Port security

Hello, I'm just configuring a 48 port 2960x for a new site and I have configured ports 1 & 2 for the router HSRP setup as follows:should port security really be used on router ports, or just keep it basic?I've had to set the ports with a max mac addr...

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VRF LITE with HSRP on same Router

Hi expert, This might be a stupid question.See below scenario: Let say i have two access switches and 1 router, and i want to run some sort of redundancy protocol such as HSRP on the same router for one vlan using some sort of vrf configuration. Is t...

Cisco 1920 Lan to Wan

Hi  Struggling with why the internal lan is not able to see the want using the config below, i know its going to be simple but just cant see it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks steven boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!!no logging buffered!no aaa...

Resolved! QOS Config

Gents,I need a fresh pair of eyes to check below configuration and offer recommendation if any...Frankly speaking, I just don’t like the bandwidth remaining percent configuration specially upon having congestion on the interface/network and i think t...