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OSPF area types question

hi guys, I am testing different types of OSPF network types. I have this topologyR1---switch---R2 on R1s link to the switch, i left it on a default of OSPF broadcast mode and on R2 link to the switch I changed it to OSPF point-to-multipoint, i also c...

NAT problems on a L3 3650 switch

So, I am trying to setup NAT on our new 3650 switch running IOS-XE Software, Catalyst L3 Switch Software (CAT3K_CAA-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 03.06.00E RELEASE SOFTWARE This simple setup involves a layer 3 port (1/0/46) to our gateway and a Vlan for NA...

IPsec over GRE tunnel's line protocol is down but able to ping the tunnel destination

>>both routers are located in different countries and connected with ISP>>IPsec over GRE tunnel is configured on both the routers >>tunnel's line protocol is down for both the ends but able to reach the tunnel destination with tunnel source>>Packet i...

IOS Upgradation for 6506E

Hi everyone,   we are using 6506E switch in our Datacenter. we are planning to upgrade the new cisco suggested release for the  core switch.At present we having "IP services 12.2(12A) version" this software gone for EOD.we are going to upgrade to 12....

ASA5520 reverse telnet problem

Hi all,I have a problem with ASA5520 and reverse telnet. I recently upgrade IOS on ASA5520, asa921-k8. Problem is that cisco has latest IOS version asa91x.... for this platform.I have 7201 on remote site, and connect his aux to asa console. When I do...

nenadl by Beginner
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DHCP pool error

Dear All, I have L3 switch configured as DHCP server for 5 pools. For one of the pools the the leased IP shows as 4294967275. The capture is enclosed. Request you to kind support for this problem. Regards,Eash  

eash by Beginner
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ping u.u.u ??

Hey,I recently got fios at a branch to facilitate a backup circuit (dmvpn over bgp)I am plugging my cisco 2911 directly into the Ethernet port of the ONT, which looks like a modem that converts fiber to ethernetWhen I do that, when I try to ping the ...