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I'm looking to learn BGP and I have a 1841 router on one end, and a 2800 on the other side.The 1841 is running IOS 15.1(4) advsecurityk9-m and the 2800 IOS 12.4(12) adventerprisek9-m.  I believe I can do BGP, but I wanted to make sure.

  Hi, I want to load share traffic for my two network segments. I have two routers with each internet circuit running BGP with two different ISPs(ISP- A & ISP-B). Also running IBGP between two routers. Since i have two /24 segments(not provided by IS...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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Hello Guys....                     I needed some help here.....i have attached the topology with this in case you dont get what iam trying to ask i have just 2 routers connected directly like this......     R1<------------> R2,  The network between t...

Hi,how can i announce in router C with BGP, the VLAN 2 to the router A, and VLAN 3 to router B?The router B can't know the VLAN 2 and router A can't know the VLAN 3thanks for the help

Hello all,I'm running into a confusing problem on my home network and am looking for advice.Attached is a Visio of my layout.  My ASA is trunking to the directly connected PoE Cisco Access Point.  Two VLANs are in use.The problem is that hosts on 8 c...

Here's an excerpt from the Cisco Press QoS book.  I do recommend the book. "Example 4-7 shows class-based shaping on a T1 interface to a 768-Kbps CIR with the Bc set to the recommended value for real-time networks Be set to 0.""shape average 768000 7...

abodden by Beginner
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Hello all, I'm pretty new to all of this, so I'm reaching out for some assistance. I'm trying to configure an 871W ISR with a wireless connection. I have Comcast internet service with their TM602G data and telephony cable modem. I've got a lot set up...

Hi Friends I have an issue with NAM module. The details as follow We have 6509 chassis the modules are01. WS-X6908-10G 02. WS-SVC-NAM-3-K9e 03.WS-X6848-GE-TX04.WS-X6908-10G05.VS-SUP2T-10G06.VS-SUP2T-10GAll modules are working fine and we found there ...