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Hi Everyone,Hoping for some advice on a network topology we are looking to deploy, I've attached a quick image of the layout and wanted to confirm it's possible?We're now being offered some redundancy from our ISP where they will provide a HSRP setup...

v0r73x117 by Level 1
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Dear Sirs!What I can change IP address????I try....SCE2000(config if)#>ip address get!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NOTE: SCE reload is required for the new IP/subnet to tak...

The Cisco 2901 router has the securityK9 perminate license activated.but the router is still getting error message %CERM-4-RX_BW_limitWhat would cause this error and what is needed to correct it.

bymc by Level 1
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Resolved! bryan p

please help!!!Im using a cisco 1841 router with one vlan1 on it to access internet and it work..recently i wanted to create a second vlan 2 i have done all the configuration nat,access-list i can ping vlan2 from the pcs but this vlan2 cant access int...

Hi everyone,I'm trying to configure the C867VAE as a Hub VPN router and use VPN client as Shrew soft or Cisco QuickVPN on PC to mount IPSec tunnel between.At present, I've Ezvpn remote sites working with this Hub site. So I add a profile for VPN clie...

h.dam by Level 1
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 Topology ISP------- ebgp-----------------HUB site R1--------ebgp-----------MPLS-------ebgp---------remote sites                                                         | ibgp                                      |                                    ...

Dear all, I need to know best Cisco switch for My Network.requirement is1.Need to Telnet2.Port Mange3.syslog facility need vlan than you

Hi all, I have an 1841 router acting as ADSL gateway. It has maxed out RAM and HWIC-1ADSL module installed.Some time after upgrade from  IOS 15.1(4)M6 to IOS 15.1(4)M9 the router started to behave somewhat strange. Every 3-5 days routing process stop...

alexnswr34 by Level 1
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Hi,1) When we use the third part speed test tools available in internet to measure the speed of our WAN link from our client (LAN) which is having a private IP in an organization, we do get a latency,upload and download speed.But this latency is calc...