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Resolved! 1800 series router configuration

load balancing and automatic failover between two ispI have cisco 1800 series router, with 2 isp connectivity (intenet Leased Line).1 isp ----> 2mb serial link2 isp-----> 8mb fiber (ethernet termination ) link.I need to configure load balancing and a...

Question about WS-C3750X-24S-S

I want to buy WS-C3750X-24S-S which have 24 Port SFP.Please confirm did I need a GLC-SX-MMD= for all 24 SFP Ports?Or I just need GLC-SX-MMD= for the uplinks?I need your help. please answer this question.Thanks.

Resolved! External IP to Internal IP NAT Issue

I have a 2600 I am trying to setup for educational use.  My Cable ISP has issued me 5 routable IP's through their SMC modem  The SMC modem is .225.  Currently the internal network can get out through .229 as expected but nothing out...

Backup for WAN Connections

Hi,just starting to think about a backup plan for our remote sites.At present we are using T1s as our backup solution. When our main connection go down the T1s are used and we lose the IP phones and the other traffic just crawls. And to top it off th...

NTP Stratum 0 with cisco router?

Hi,I wonder if I can build a NTP Stratum 0 device using a GPS and a Cisco router.Preferred would be a CISCO819 as it has a build in GPS, alternative a CISCO2901 + EHWIC-3G-HSPA+7./Allan

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Resolved! Design configuration

Hi,I have 30 switched in my corporate network it’s all up and running all switches running by default configuration and connected to WS-C4506 core switch our dhcp server pooling network. Now we need to configure new Vlan for finance ...

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ASA 5512 as a router for temporary solution

                   Hello Cisco family!I am about to fly out to Kiev and open an office. Some of our equipment will not be available until the 15th of July.  Of course, the biggest piece is our router.  So my question is:  Can I use an ASA 5512 as a r...

EIGRP Issues - Load Balance x Summary Routes

Hello All!!! I have a scenario where we have a layer 3 switch - SW1 - EIGRP peering with 2 routers - R1 and R2 - (dual homed) through a ethernet segment. There are too many networks behind those 2 routers and so there is the need to get them sumarize...