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Resolved! Connecting two Routers using E1

Hello I intend to connect up to routers back to back using E1. I am about to prepare a cable for that.I have found that the adviced cable for it is as below: can someone confirm this is correct please?        Many Thanks in advance.RegardsKaushik

ISP load balancing with BGP

Good Day,I would like to find out if ISP load balancing can be accomplished using BGP? This is a multi-home topology with two ISPs connecting to two routers. These routers will be connected to a firewall cluster. The customer wants load balancing dep...

rramlal by Beginner
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bfd preferred mode

Hi fellows,I read on some documents that bfd echo mode is preferred over async mode but couldn't find the reason ? Anyone please tell me.Regards

yhameed81 by Beginner
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Resolved! Injecting eigrp route to ospf

Hi,please check this diagram, ospf running in frame relay cloud (hub and spoke)  everything work fine, but after adding Router 4 (Eigrp) the other routers can't reach to router4 but it can ping Router1 eigrp interface( configBuildi...

feroz syed by Participant
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Resolved! E1 to V.35 Point to Point link

hi,I am getting error message in my cisco 1841.I am using E1 card and next end is terminated to modem(e1 to V.35) and its  connected to router serial port.i have configured at both end but status in not comming up in E1 interface.Also geeting this me...

ajf303 by Beginner
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EIGRP load balancing with two ISP's

                  Dear Expert,I have two ISP with few MPLS connectivies. i am planning to establish EIGRP with loadbalancing. any configuration sample..?attached diagram for ref.And, what is route-map..? is it possible to apply over EIGRP interfacess...

ajf303 by Beginner
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SPA-1X10GE-L-V2EP appears to be a new lower cost 10Gb SPA available for the ASR what features are missing on this SPA

I am trying to set up an ASR with 10Gb connectivity. I noticed a new card that does not appear to show up in any data sheets. This card is considerably less expensive than the other SPAs and I am wondedring what the differentiators are for this card....

hub and spoke with 2 hubs?

Hello,I've configured a few small hub and soke networks before where you only have 1 hub and 3-4 spokes, but today I saw a hub and spoke diagram that had 2 hubs!  I'm not seen this before and have wondered how on earth you would configure the hubs an...

Resolved! class based shaping

There around 70 remote sites and head end is of 200 mbps MPLS WAN link..Platform: 7206VXR, IOS: 12.4(15)T7The QOS configuration at present is attached..At the head end, we would like to shape based on remote sites bandwidth. Having said that, how man...

Resolved! What is the best network design for my company,Class B or Class A subnet?

                   Dear All,Kindly help analyse the attached proposed network topology of my company (and the branches) and advise me appropriately.I want to know if the design could work fine or if there are better way to achieve using different des...

Nabaruma by Beginner
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can somebody expalin me why 255 taken as mask instead of 128 in the first example.and why 192 has been taken as mask in 2nd example. i got this confusion while doing subnetting of class B network. please help me.1).Practice Example #6B: