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Hi,We have two internet Edge in Site A and Site B in Active Standby mode. Currently we have one ISP link connected to site A router and another to Site B router. AS path prepending is used to make Link 2 less preferred for incoming traffic. VRRP is a...

syedraheel by Beginner
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I'm posting this here as well at Network Management;Hello allHaving an issue with NTP at my new location. Bit of background:Access A  Access B    Distro       Core______     ______     ______     ______|          |    |          |    |          |   |...

Hi,I wonder if there is no any issue when we are using one loopback interface as source address in case multiple GRE tunnel.However, the destination IP address different per each tunnel, only having same source loopback.for example),interface loo0ip ...

syjeon by Beginner
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hi,this is on a 881 I have this bvi 1 interface with many would I tell that bvi1- if traffic is going to the dialer0 (main dsl line) allow everything- if traffic is going to the dialer1 (backup 1fl line) just allow things to 10.10...

Hi all experts,I would like to query about the bgp load sharing between iBGP & eBGP. We have two sites which are connected to MPLS cloud. one site has two routers in iBGP to each other with active/backup ( put as-path prepend for backup ). These two ...

Network gurus, I've got a client migrating from OPT-E-MAN over to a Metro Ethernet solution.  They have 20 remote sites, all of which are Layer-2 adjacent to their 2 headquarters routers (each in a separate DC).  Remote sites are configured as EIGRP ...

Hello Expert,currently I have a Cisco 2921 router and I have one active site-to-site VPN connection through the question is; how I can create another Ipsec site-to-site VPN connection ? I have to keep the 1st VPN connection active.much ap...

Hardi Ahmed by Rising star
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For some time now I've used the USB port on RSP440's fitted into ASR9006's to load IOS with no problems.Recently I noticed that the ASR9001 USB port doesn't seem to work at all, which seems odd to me as I believe the 9001 uses the same card built int...

aacole by Contributor
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