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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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                   i want to know is these configuration was right.My network was connected with Gi0/1 and Gi0/2 with Ip address of WAN and LAN IP respectively.WAN IP: 172.X.X.X and LAN IP:192.X.X.Xi am enabling EIGRP with  200commands in global conf...

        What are the possibilites that a router's snmp would just stop working?I have a 2811 router that was responding fine to my network management software. The router is NOT within my local network. So we had a nasty power outage where my monitor...

Cody Hay by Level 1
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Hello,Is there a way to search for a MAC address of a device that I'm not sure is on the network? The user is not onsite so that person doesn't know what port the device is in. Thanks,Seannetta

s-wallace by Level 1
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I noticed that different routers have different Maximum Burst Size (PCR) when configuring ATM vbr-nrt shaping see below,  which can be configured PCR only to 44209K. Another router has PCR of 40700K. Our contract speed( no CIR) with AT&T is 44736K (F...

Hi guys,Ive read about every example and issue regarding sending the copy commands yet still cannot seem to get the commands to work the switch was runnnig 12.2 so i upgraded it to 15 and yet the issue stays.Here is what the switch shows when I send ...

dan.bell by Level 1
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HI All,I have set a BGP routing Lab in GNS3  (topology and routers config attached)Everyting seems to be fine but whenever I shutdown the fa0/1 on Router R2 , R3 is not able to reach R2 networks (15,16,17 networks)Any help is highly appreciated.Thank...

s.kanth by Level 1
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Hello,We currently are in the process of replacing one of our MPLS networks along with the associated routers. Currently we have our main MPLS network which has two redundant head ends with redundant connections at our main site along with a head end...

Jim Cook by Level 1
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Hello,What are your methods of proving an access list is working if you only have the router to test from remotely.We have a remote 3G router that I installed in another country that VPNs back to us and I don't have access to the devices on that LAN,...

Hello,we have a CISCO881G-K9 with 3G modem and external Antenna.I'm have troubles identifying the connector's type:According to the router datasheet"For Expres...

Hi Experts,I encountered this weird trace output.The entire network is running EIGRP in a single AS. We are also running EIGRP on the ASA firewalls to advertise the networks behind it.P1, P2, and P3 are running LDP because we have some routers runnin...

jpl861 by Level 4
  • 3 replies
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hi.I have bought a cisco 4esw hwic card for my cisco 1721 router, But it is not fitting in the slot. I have find there is one silver colored plate over the pin connection due to which it is fitter to the slot, I have google search and found the slot ...