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Traffic shaping via EIGRP

Hello,I have set up an EIGRP network in which there are two routers, each with a T1 circuit, that each need to be the primary path for different subnets.  Please see the attached drawing.  I need to ensure that Router A needs to be the primary path f...

Internet over Point to Point link

We have two sites Site A and Site B Site A has internet and Site B needs to access the internet from site AI am using OSPF and both sites can see routes to the other site Site B has the IP address of site A's end of the point to point as the Gateway ...

jonnyk123 by Beginner
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Resolved! QoS Shaping, exceeding Bc

Hey all, From Cisco's site, and all other documentation I can find - it clearly states that while shaping, "If not enough tokens are in the bucket to send a packet, the packet either waits until the bucket has enough tokens (in the case of a shaper) ...

hsrp track configuration for Multilink

             I am using HSRP with in R1 and R2, where R1 is active and connected to 5 MPLS serial link and configured as1 Multilink for MPLS and R2 is connected to 4 point to point serial link. My all data should go through MPLS first and when MPLS g...

Resolved! iBGP Neighborship through ISP

HiIs is possible to have an iBGP peering between routers A & B as shown below:RTR-A(AS 100)-----------ISP MPLS(AS 200)--------------RTR-B(AS 100)and ofcousre RTR-A & RTR-B have eBGP neighborship with respective ISP PEs and we use AS Override to remov...

SonicWall VPN between 2800

I am looking for any recommendations on this issue:I have two CISCO 2800 routers tied together over a Metro Ethernet bewteen an HQ location and a Colocation facility.    There are multiple subnets on both sides of the MAN.   All things work in this r...

DrVoIP by Beginner
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Resolved! What kind of fiber connection is this? (picture)

Hello, Can someone here identify what kind of connection this is? LC/SC? And what module I would have to buy for this particular switch to add an additional one? The idea is to add an additional port for the same exact connection into this switch. Th...

sonikbaby by Beginner
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can not enable embedded-Service-Engine on 2911

hello, i cann't enable embedded-Service-Engine on cisco2911 routerthis is the output:ALGER#show ip interface briefInterface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                ProtocolEmbedded-Service-Engine0/0   YES unset...

Resolved! IP SLA's

I have looked in multiple areas online with still no firm understanding of the not command in the tracking of IP SLA's. I am working a failover solution from a Cellular interface 0/1/0 to take over if the primary gig0/1 fails. However the guy before ...