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what router to chose for dmvpn

hi,what router would you choose to setup 1500 dmvpn tunnels (mGRE/ipsec)? so this router will be my hub and the hub will have 1500 tunnels.this router with this many tunnels will have to be able to provide excellent service to all spokes/tunnels.the ...

Pinging a loopback address

Hi...  I have a cisco 2821 and have configured a llopback address which I want to use for management, however, I am unable to ping it from a device attached to GigabitEthernet0/0     here is config..version 15.0no service padservice tcp-keepalives-in...

ACL for NAT translation

Hello,I have managed to setup nat translation for a internal webserver i have running. I followed this guide: and everything seems to be working fine,...

Michel_VZ by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 2-pair (HWIC-2SHDSL)

Hi!This module provides two ports of 2-wire or one port of 4-wire connectivity options.But physically, there is only one 1 G.SHDSL interface where the RJ-11 connector plugs.Can this module be used as 2 WAN G.SHDSL ports if for e.g, there are two 2-wi...

net buzz by Beginner
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SNAsw error message: Both sent and received XID's indicate the same, non-negotiable, link staton role (sense code 1016000F)

Hi Forum,We have an SNAsw problem.  Sense error is 1016000F.Both sent and received XID's indicate the same, non-negotiable, link station role.However this is not the case, the server connected has an LS_NEG setting which should work for any other far...

hitchij by Beginner
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top process / procnto-600-smp-instr

      Hello Dear,When i execute top process command at 12000 core router, i got this output:   251 processes; 1139 threads; 1006 timers, 5742 channels, 9696 fdsCPU states: 94.9% idle, 2.2% user, 2.8% kernelMemory: 2048M total, 569M avail, page size 4...

IPSLA and Recurring Group Schedules

Hi All,I've set up a few group schedules to spread out our IPSLA operations over a period and I'm looking to have them start at 08:00 and run until 18:00 every day (business hours). I have the following schedule:ip sla group schedule 10 100 schedule-...