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Problem with NetAcad when first opening Packet Tracer

Hi,A few months ago, I tried to register a NetAcad account to download Cisco Packet Tracer to learn networking in an online course, but when I open Packet Tracer for the first time, the login page for NetAcad Account never appears with a display like...

CPT Error.jpg
moirsal by Beginner
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ASR9010 - BGP connectivity in single RSP Router

Hi, I have a ASR9010 Router with a single RSP (A9K-RSP880-LT-TR). Up to some time ago when this router was connected with only two Upstream providers, everything was OK and when one of providers went down, the traffic smoothly passed to the other one...

aridy by Beginner
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BNG active session 1974 only

hello, we have Cisco ASR 9010 router. We configure BGP and BNG (PPPoE) service. when we start client on this BNG when active session is 1974 is good when client 1975 BNG can't release IP. when 1 active session is down and another user get IP from BNG...

Nexus vrf routing issue?

Hello everyone,  I'm having a weird issue with the below image topology. I have a Nexus 9k with an additional vrf created to isolate some LANs (represented by loopbacks for my testing). I'm not trying to route directly from one vrf to the other, but ...

jiahmed by Beginner
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4G LTE Config on IR1101

I am working with IR1101 running ir1101-universalk9.17.06.01.SPA.bin with P-LTEAP18-GL LTE module.  I am trying to bring the Cell interface up and have been running into some issues.  Relevant configuration here controller Cellular 0/1/0lte sim data-...

iso00 by Beginner
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Routing iBGP instead of EIGRP, config help

Hi, we would like to change our Routing protocol and using BGP (iBGP) instead of EIGRP.  I have done some configuration but I am not sure that will work after I turn off EIGRP. (I am quiet sure it wont work.)Can you please help me to solve this? I th...

milan.bako by Beginner
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Hello,I have been trying to configure nat in the cisco 2821 router but I'm getting memory full, why am I getting and how to resolve it.

arjun_4790 by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP sub-AS prefix.

 Hi everyone!I have BGP AS with /23 prefix(AS-100 in scheme). Now i need divide the AS on two. I plan to use BGP confederation for this purpose. What minimal prefix should be on sub-AS(101 or 102) in BGP confederation? Can I use /28 prefix on sub-AS ...

SergeevMS by Beginner
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Purpose of using a Switch as a default gateway as opposed to the Router it’s connected to

Hello This is sort of a generic question and don’t really have a good reason as to what my meaning is but… I have a Router connected to a Switch.. On the Switch I have 3 vlans, all coming from different Routers. Ive noticed that any device connected ...

fbeye by Enthusiast
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Resolved! ISR 1100 features activation problem

Hi. We have two new ISR1111 (running on Version 17.5.1a) with bought licenses:Cisco 1100 Series with 8 LAN Ports, 200 Mbps IPSEC Throughput LicenseCisco 1100 Series with 8 LAN Ports, Security License We converted PAK licences to Smart Licences. Both ...

AnzeZ by Beginner
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Resolved! show ip cef x.x.x.x detail

SW1#sh ip cef de2.2.2.2/32, epoch 0, flags [attached]Adj source: IP adj out of Vlan2, addr 12F2FA40Dependent covered prefix type adjfib, cover to Vlan2 what does "12F2FA40" mean? thanks.

BFD peer is Down, BGP fall-over

Hello,I have a problem to enable BFD over BGP between two routers. Here is the configuration on one of the routers (R1). The configuration is identical on R2 except the IP addresses !interface Loopback0 ip address ! int...

sebastien3 by Participant
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