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Hello, I am configuring a 1941 and have a problem with internet connectivity.  G0/0 tests ok, but it will take IE 30-40 seconds to open, as if it is negotiating the route.  One IE has opened, web browsing is fast as expected.  I suspect someting is m...

can we get a reviewer here before we take the exam? its a Cisco 2 in the Philippines ---Posted by WebUser Khurdang AHt Khulet

I have a cisco 850 that is not getting a WAN ip address thorugh DHCP. I have FE4 (The WAN port) set to get an ip address via DHCP, but when I do a test connection from CCP I get this error: Checking interface IP address…failedNo Ip Address for the in...

jsandau by Level 1
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Can anyone tell me why the attached config results in the default route being ip route 157.x.x.181 instead of ip route 50.x.x.150 track 1?Before I put in SLA, the default route was just ip route 50.x.x....

jasonww04 by Level 1
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Hi All,For the last month I have an issue in my Application Server which is directly connected to Core Switch through optical fiber cable, the application server response is very slow, I have verified the port statistics (also attached) but not able ...

aarana254 by Level 1
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Hello,I'm looking for some practical advice from people who have used the VRF-Lite functionality on Cisco 3750G's (WS-C3750G-24T-S), I've got a situation currently with a set of 3750's running inter-vlan routing for around 80/90 connected subnets (14...

Hello All, Have a very peculiar issue with IP SLA. Firstly, the architecture. 1) There are two sites - A & B. Both have their own internet connection.2) Sites A & B are connected via MPLS. 3) Both sites have the below topology. 3750 CORE --> FIREWAL...

We are experimenting with VRF technology as a solution to support different IP services (corporate, scada, etc) over a single infrastructure, with local isolation needed between them. A coworker suggested I use DMVPN to permit dynamic tunnel creation...

Hi i`m familiar with the QOS concepts and i have done some implementations.I have a 20+ remote locations with users trying to access a server over site2site VPN (GRE over Ipsec tunnels)I have created the folowing diagram I want on the remote routers ...