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Hello Community,I just joined a new company and want do not understand why internal users cannot access an outside FTP site.I can establish a connection but it will not list the directories.I have tested other FTP sites to connect to and all works fi...

imanco671 by Level 1
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When setting up PPP on a serial int . Does it matter in what order your type the config for it. For exampleinterface Serial0/0/0 description Link to Home office ip address encapsulation ppp ppp authentication chap clock rate...

Dear All, We have cisco 3550 switch i have configure 3 vlans in this switch. i have enable routing between this vlans but vlans not able to communicating with each other. can anyone sagest what is the problem in my configuration

Hi,I have a Cisco 1841 router with an HWIC-ADSL module installed. My ADSL connection is PPPoA with a dialer interface and I have been provided 6 ip's from my provider to use on this service. Previously I have connected Fa0/0 on the 1841 straight onto...

acarnegie by Level 1
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Hi guys,I am preatty new to the Cisco world and as such I am aiming for the CCNA certification. I got the ciscopress CCENT/CCNA ICND1 and ICND2 books and I am loving it. Now to the question. I have a Cisco 877 router provided to me by Bell Canada. I ...

I new on this and will put a router to DR , how do I know if it already is DR, what does DR stands for?Is DR a backbonerouter?What is the command if it isn't a DR?(I'm using packet tracer)Answer like you should answer a 5 year old ;-), I'm new and En...

Resolved! access lists

Hi Guys,I have a small query.I was going through CCNA cbtnuggets (jeremies ones) and i came across access lists.Lets says i have a computer (ip address and is connected to my gateway router.The lan port is fa0/1 and the wan port is s0/0...

HelloI'm having troubles with applying an IP policy an a VRF interface.The router is configured with multiple VRF's eg A, B & CThis at both the WAN and the LAN side.Within VRF A I want to set a different next-hop for different source networks eg netw...