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Hi All,We have a network topology like 2821 router with MPLS link and 881 Router with DSL Connection(DMVPN). MPLS Link runs in BGP DSL Connection runs in EIGRP. So the existing scenario is like When ever MPLS link goes down Traffic will be moved to D...

Dear all,I have cisco 1721 router so I installed an ethernet interface card so when I make show run I found that there is a fast ethernet 0 and ethernet 0 (which I installed) so i wand to make subinfaces of the etheernet 0 but I can't.I tried to make...

We have a single point to point T1 going from head-end to a remote office.Voice traffic goes over this connection.Occasionally, users report voice issues.  When checking NetFlow and SNMP logs, though, utilization is averaging 15-20%.  When a call hit...

HiI'm configuring load balance over multiple pppoe connections. The pppoe connections're UP when I show pppoe session, here's pppoe configuration:interface FastEthernet0/2/0 no ip address duplex auto speed auto pppoe enable group global pppoe-client ...

Hi Guys,Even though i've configured the no auto-summary command under router eigrp XXX, it doesn't show up when i do a sh run.I also have it configured under the bgp AS and it shows up there, but not under the eigrp processAny reason for that?router ...

ksohan4730 by Beginner
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The ip addressing is just theoretical.....not what I actually use.Hi all.  I have an 1811 router.  On the FastEthernet interface I have a primary and secondary ip address.ip nat inside source static tcp 25 25 extendableip ...

I am getting the following error message on our 10700 router: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 276 bytes failed from 0x50314770, alignment 32 Pool: I/O  Free: 60224  Cause: Memory fragmentation Alternate Pool: None  Free: 0  Cause: No Alternat...

rplacier by Beginner
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Hi,Someone, knows how to create a vlan access port on ASR9000?I want to connect a server to the ASR9000, but i don't know how to configure the port as access.I have configured a bridge-group & bridge domainthnks

tona_2008 by Beginner
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Hi,   I am configuring  2811  routers for two site  Site Aand site B. Site A router  has  two branches,  with subnet and 172.168. 22.1/24  site B router has  Server network ie  connected to it. I have 2  lease line ie 2...

Hi.The Nordic World Ski Championships 2011 is upon us, and NRK, the national broadcaster of Norway, is offering HD streaming via the Akamai network.I run a network with 5000 users. Our internet bandwidth is usually 300mbps, but we've increased it to ...

Hi AllJust to get confirmation on an issue that I have struck, if you need to perform updates to a route-map that is in production for say static/connected route redistibution in BGP, and you want to remove an enty from the route map, say a prefix-li...

dhunt by Beginner
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