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Hi,on our branch offfices we have Cisco routers with two processes connected each to our HQ via a separate ISP provided MPLS.In both processes we have the command:OSPF process 1redistribute connected subnets route-map MPLS-1 OSPF process 2redistribut...

hash2k2 by Beginner
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Trying to perform a password recovery on a Cisco 867 Router....I can get to ROMON 1 > Enter CONFREG 0x2142 Result is...Command "CONFREG" Not FoundNeed to get this done soon... system is down Thanks for any help...-Ed      

ebavais by Beginner
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Hello, Does anyone know if the Cisco Nexus switch supports L2 over GRE? I found a document which is for IOS not NX-OS. I am looking for a L2TP in Nexus switch. The only thing I found so far is Ethernet over MPLS. It seems L2TPV3 is not supported by N...

roozbeh by Beginner
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We are having problem with the DMVPN configuration. There is a Hub router and several spokes on the branchs. The spokes routers are behind a NAT devices so they have private addresses. When the Hub router build their dmvpn table use the private addre...

  Hello,   I'm using the following topology   @topology.jpg   If I talk about the network (PC1) , R2 is receiving tow routes for this network. Why R2 chooses the second one as the best? Is because it has the best weight value? What does...

Amiana by Beginner
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  Current configuration : 1587 bytes!! Last configuration change at 14:42:17 UTC Wed Feb 2 2022 by admin!version 15.0service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecservice password-encryption!hostname Router-01!boot-start-m...

Zaks by Beginner
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Hello, I have a question regarding an RV320 Dual WAN load balance: I have set it in Load Balance mode, using 2 VDSL x 50 WANs. When checking the speed via, I get only the one WAN speed. Is it by design?   Is there a chance to get both W...

Resolved! ASR 920 12CZ-A V03

Good Morning... I am dusting off an ASR 920 12CZ-A V03 Router and am wanting to update the IOS. From what I am seeing, all of the IOS available are NPE...I had a goal to use this as an emergency spare, but I need all available encryption, especially ...

TW80CJ5 by Participant
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Hello, I'm trying to connect to a device's console port through an ISR431.  It's a new router out of the box.  When I connect a laptop to the console port, it works just fine.  When I connect the router to the 4351 and try to SSH to the VTY line, I d...

Good day all, I visited one of my clients recently and found out his router was down. It was giving the error below : "Failed checkerboard test Bad RAM at location 0x8046A444: wrote 0xAAAAAAAA, read 0xAAAAAEAA %%ERROR: DDR memory test failed! Stop. F...