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Resolved! migrating to MPLS

Himy office have 6 remote sites and one HQ.We are planning to move to MPLS .On each site can i have  MPLS links from two different SP. One SP_A will act as primary and other SP_B as standby . I have few doubts 1) Is it a workable solution ? if yes 2)...

cisco by Level 1
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Dear All,Can any body tell what is the main diffrences between 3com (switches,routers,firewall) and cisco (routers,switches,firewalls) because one of my customer is asking the major differenceses between cisco & 3Com up for the major difference.plz h...

Morning folks. You are going to love me. I'll give you a bit of backround info first. I'm basically a home user that fancied a new toy to play with so I purchased a brand new 877W from a well know auction site. Unfortunately I'm failing at the first ...

How do you conf the L3 switch so that wokstation 1, 2 and 3 can talk to each other with the following information?VLAN A)  X.Y.123.128/ B). X.Y.123.9/ C) X.Y.123.0/ ip:  X.Y.123.132Wks2) ip:  ...

Hello this is kiran,Help me  i have Router 2800 series we are using  leased line Connection 8 Pubilc IP.One IP Config in Router FE0/0 IP and FE0/1 Local IP.I have 6 Web Server. How to Config other 7 IP address on Web serve...

Resolved! WAN Speed

Hi All,As you know 3925 routers have 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces builtin on it. Does it means it can give 1000 Mbps WAN speed if i have a 1Gbps connection terminated on it..??Regards,Shijo.

I have been messing with our copp policy at work and cant seem to tune it right. I am trying to ftp a new IOS to our router but it keeps timing out but when I remove the the service-policy input CoPP_Policy from the control-plane it works fine and do...

Hi,    CEF is available in IOS software version 11.1CC for Cisco 7200 and 7500 series routers only. is it true i am referring to this URL ? AFAIK CEF can be even be  enabled on smallest of router where MPLS is required .regardsNeo

cisco by Level 1
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Hi,Anyone can share me the procedure for ISSU ( In Service Software Upgrade ) upgrade. I have a cisco 6500 switch running with Sup720-3B ( Redundant : Active & Standby ) and need to test the ISSU on that.Please share me the procedure in details.Thank...

lalit by Level 1
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Hello All....Just want to have something clear about how EIGRP works.  Actually I have the following topology:RouterA<------->(ISP MPLS Cloud)<------->RouterBRouter A WAN interface = B WAN interface ='m trying to con...

r.rios728 by Level 1
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Hi ALL we installed a cisco router in a school with two vlans (VLAN 1 & VLAN 2) VLAN 1 is for teachers and Admin and VLAN 2 is for studentswe want so that VLAN 2 shouldn't be able to access any device in VLAN 1 but VLAN 1 should be able to access all...

Hi All,I need your help to enable multicasting over the WAN. I have a 6500 SW connected to router and from router I have 3 MPLS links connected given by different service provider running with EBGP. I have around 30 branches running EBGP with Service...

AKK by Level 1
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Resolved! Help

Hi,I have a cisco 7613 router and need to connect a site using Optical fibre (BSNL) on gigabit port,we will use convertor to convert optical signal to electrical .What configuration must be done on router to ensure this point to point fibre connectiv...

outsideA    B \   /  R   |insideR=2801 Router, A and B are the WAN links.While having a dual WAN interface is normally not an issue, both of the links use DHCP, so when you attempt to place a track stament on the route, it's not an option if you incl...