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OSPF - LAN interface down.

Hi Friends,router 1 is connected to a host and router 2. OSPF neighborship has been established between router 1 and router 2.If the interface connected to host of router 1 goes down. Will it be known by router 2 through ospf?

3 FR Link with Single DLCI Number

Hi All,Our service provider gives us 3 separate E1's. They told us to configure our router's sub serial interfaces and give us only 1 dlci number. Is this the right way of doing this? Only one dlci for the 3 separated E1 links?Im aware of the multipl...

cmadiam82 by Beginner
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100M auto duplex

hi guys, we have a router and setup the negotiation to auto, the carrier DSU is supposed to be 100M full, however the interface won't come only comes up if we change the negotiation to the router to half.And when it is auto, it becomes half, fr...

jsheriony by Beginner
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IP phone integration,qos

Dear All,We are planning to implement IP phones in our network(attached the switch-diagram). Right now we have the following switches configured as our Access layer switches.all are cisco 2950 switches but in some switches there is a slight change in...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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Cisco Port Numbering

Is there any tool available which would tell me the port numbering for Cisco Routers/Switches(Modular)?We have ordered Cisco 1812, 2960 and 4948 series devices for an implementation. I need to make the low level design layout with port numbers and in...

aneesh.ts by Beginner
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Boot variable cisco 3845

Hi all, this command was executed on a cisco 6500 and i got the output 6500#sh bootBOOT variable = disk0:s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF6.bin,1;sup-bootflash:s72033-pk9sv-mz.122-17d.SXB10.bin,1;CONFIG_FILE variable =, How can i get the same ...

victor_87 by Beginner
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NAT dropping traffic

Hi I have a p2p connection, a 3845 and 2821. When I have natting configured and applied it drops all my traffic but when I remove the "ip nat inside source list name inteface s0 overload" traffic moves through. what could be the problem, I have got t...

WAN redesign questions

Hi there,I've got a WAN that needs some redesign and I'm just looking for some input on my proposed design.Currently, I have 3 sites connected by DS3's. Site A and B have two DS3's between them, and there's one DS3 connecting over to a remote office...

branfarm1 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Load Balancing with OSPF and BGP

We will be using two Internet connections, a primary and a secondary. Each connection will have a router with a BGP session to the ISP, who will announce a default route.I understand that the "default information-originate" will add a default route ...

Unknown Protocol Drops

I have an 1841 connected up to a 2960 switch and then into a cable connection that we're pushing IPSec over. I am noticing that when I do a show int on the port that is connecting into the switch I am getting several "unknown protocol drops" on it. ...

dhopper82 by Beginner
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Bond two IPVPN connections

The person in chargo of ordering our 20M link made a mistake and accidentaly orders two 10M links. I think that I already know the answer but I thought that I would ask first.The two links will terminate on a 3650G switch. They are both MPLS connec...