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Ok, I have a weird issue going on and it frankly has my coworkers and I stumped.  From any host computer on our network we can ping a specific IP address that is outside our network but when we try to do it from our router, it doesn't work.  This is ...

The command that produced this output was Show monitor session 1 detail and session 1 shows that the switch will copy packets entering port 5 and send the copy to port 10. Why?  

Hi all, I am having a hard time with IPSec config, I set it up and when I enter the command on the tunnel interface, tunnel goes down right away. This is the error message : %CRYPTO-6-ISAKMP_ON_OFF: ISAKMP is ON LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on I...

DanDan by Beginner
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Hi all! I'm just wondering how to configure two 9300-series vPC Nexus switces with BGP. Layer 2 is the same through vPC but how do I handle layer 3 protocols lite BGP?The purpose is to connect 4 different AS-numbers in the same datacenter in order to...

Hi, I almost figured out with everything I need from C1111-8P router. Overall it is an awesome machine and it can handle 1gb NAT perfectly.I only need to config firewall and I am a little bit confused here. On RV models there is a simple "Firewall" o...

pro100bear by Beginner
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Hello teams, I need help with licencing FEX under ACI, We have  N2K-B22IBM-P under N9K. APIC have problem wth licences....ACI-F16X_10G ACI_LEAF_ESS_1GACI_LEAF_ESS_10G If we havent got licences in smart licencing right now  what could happen with traf...

Hi all,Is it possible to activate hseck9 license for evaluation period of time, without buying and installing it?I can see that from conf t, there is a command:ISR_4431(config)#license feature ?hseck9 Enable hseck9 licenseISR_4431(config)#exit But I'...

Andrey.A by Beginner
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How would I purchase a license for a ASR901 Series Router (A901-6CZ-FS-D).  The 10G SFP ports will not work without licensing for some reason...  ??  I'm not the IT guy.  I'm the property manager and I'm trying to set up this 50 unit property with in...

elktower by Beginner
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Dear community, I´ve received a question from a customer that is interested in visualizing data from an ASR9001. They want to monitor top talkers etc. I suggested stealth watch but that was too LAN focused and too extensive in functionality. They are...