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Using 2 isp on the same network

Hello , i have a network where the end users (clients) are using pppoe connection , now i want to use a second isp for my users so i want to split those users between the 2 isp companies i use a catalyst 2960 switch with 2 ports gig0/1 and gig0/2 for...

Resolved! Switchting to OSPF Key Chain

I currently have around 40 devices linked to a central device all using "ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 xxxxxxxxxxxx". I need to switch to using key chains. Is there a proper way to do this that keeps everything online? Thanks for your help.

K-Grev by Beginner
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ASR 1002-X link ingress traffic utilization reached upto 90% Intermittently on gig0/0/3. software version is IOS-XE 16.06.06.

Hi everyone,      I Have an ASR 1002-X router. and a NMS Server for capture the Alert logs of my network Related Issue.From Few days ago I am Getting Alerts on my NMS Server is "High input utilization on interface Gi0/0/3. The utilization State trans...

Cisco 4000series Router Interface High Error Rate

Hello all, Recently i got pretty regular alert from zabbix monitoring my cisco router, the error was interface high error rate.Did someone have the same proble like me? this is my show interface outputsh interfaces g0/0/1 GigabitEthernet0/0/1 is up, ...

dpsw120 by Beginner
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Resolved! Span port through IPSEC tunnel?

Let's say you want to use Wireshark to analyze a host like a PC or printer hanging off another remote router which is connected to the Main office via IPSEC tunnel. Is spanning a port to a destination at the HQ from the remote router/location support...

TTL 1 of EIGRP can be possible on Catalyst3650/3850?

Dear all, Normally IP Header's TTL value of IPv4 EIGRP is "2" which can be supported under Frame-Relay or DMVPN Hub & Spoke topology etc. I have checked it with IOS Router, it was actually "2". However according to the above product, it might be TTL ...

mhiyoshi by Participant
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Inside - Inside NATting

Hello everyone.The image below is a simplified layout of my home network where I have a web server with port forwarding. From the WAN the server is accessible, and from the LAN it is through its LAN IP, as expected. The question is, how to make the s...

tresdodi by Beginner
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OSPF DR & BDR election

I have configure OSPF in broadcast domain & all three routers are elected DR , its not taken highest IP address of interface in this configuration what could be the issue. R2#sh ip ospf neighbor Neighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface172.16...

ISR 4000 BOOT more than 6 minutes

HelloWe have a ISR 4331   equipped with L3 switch , and boot takes for the Router more the 6 min and additional 4 min for the switchץwe tried soft release     16.6 ,     16.12.4   .and it did not improve in 1 sec. also  the Command reload warm doesn'...