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Multiple NAT Statements

Hi,I have a Cisco 1721 router setup with a nat statement as follows:ip access-lisct extended acl_natdeny ip ip anyip nat inside source list acl_nat interface Ethernet0 overloadT...

alraycisco by Beginner
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Resolved! Automatic Back up Configuration Files

I know there is commands to make a Kron job on a router to backup the configuration every day, week or month. Is there a way to do the automatic backup every month, but each time specify that it change the end of the file name to the date that it is ...

verifying IPX traffic

I want to verify an IPX netowrk activity. I know only a few things about IPX. The "sh ipx servers" and "sh ipx route" and "sh ipx traffic" all display output. Does it mean it is still live? Is there any other verification method?Thanks in advance!


Hello,I am just wondering if this is possible.If i can get a telco to provide a WAN with broadcast capabilities. I connectmy routers via serial over this WAN and i use cisco HDLC.Would it be possible for the routers tocommunicate? thanks,

rocampo by Beginner
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Frame-relay traffic-shaping

Hi all,We have 2 sites connected to the main office via FR.We've configured QoS on the frame-relay interface (it's a WIC-1T).- When a "service-policy output" is applied on each serial interface, and the qos is tested only between one site and the mai...

Resolved! Questions about EIGRP & summarization

Hi,In our environment, we typically have a layer 3 switch running several vlans and 2 WAN routers with Internet T1 circuits. On these WAN routers, we make IPSec/GRE VPN tunnels back to our headquarters. Our environment runs EIGRP and is all one AS so...

priedman1 by Beginner
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remote VPN

hi, i have configured vpnserver on ASA 5550 and it is working fine, i have a question , my domain controller is on inside interface of ASA , and i want my vpnclient to join that domain , is it possible that remote vpn client join the domain behind...


Guys just a quick one.........when we do redistribution like from we gonna calculate the metric....what are the factors that we will keep in mind to put the values like on of our routers have follwoingrouter eigrp XXredistribu...

Resolved! Equal path costs

Dear All,If we have 2 or paths for the same destination and these 2 paths have equal cost, equal administrative distance........etc.(the only difference between them is the next hop IP address) which one will be added to the routing table?

Resolved! Serial Line Bouncing

all,our serial wan link has been bouncing up and down for a couple of weeks now. we have reported this incident to our telco several times, but they always tested it "clean." would this be a hardware issue? what should things should i check? i cleare...

IP helper-address issues with DHCP

An issue just crept up and I hoping to post here for some clarification. We have multiple vlans but only two are being effected.vlan 26 - 10.10.26.xvlan 27 - 10.10.27.xboth configured with ip helper-address currently can recieve dh...

jmilay by Beginner
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Resolved! PIX site to site tunnel, new IP

Hello all,Have a NY PIX with outside IP a SF PIX with outside IP an existing tunnel with this:crypto ipsec transform-set ESP-3DES-MD5 esp-3des esp-md5-hmac crypto map outside_map 20 ipsec-isakmpcrypto map outside_map 20 m...

Resolved! Router with 2 interface

HelloI would like to confirm if the following scenario is possible?I have a Cisco 2821 router. It has 2 interfaces. The first interface (GE 0/0) connects to the internet and NAT'ing is performed on the interface. This interface allows for the office ...

857W keeps crashing?? ADSL times out??

Hi, I hope someone will know why this is happening or help me resolve this issus;I posted before about my ADSL connection which kept timing out so I had to restart the ATM interface each time but had no replies! :-(The problem seems to be more severe...

kayasaman by Beginner
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